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(wool for felting and giant knitting)

Raw TOPS - fine Merino wool (22-24 mic) or coarse wool used for yarn manufacturing, for blankets fillers, as a raw material for nonwoven products manufacturing.

Dyed TOPS - for felting (toys, paintings, decorations, garments), for giant knitting (blankets, garments etc.).  The number of color shades is more than 50, regularly increasing.  On Customer’s request an individual color or color according to the Pantone color chart can be dyed.

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“CASCADE-TEXTILE” LLC – the integral part of “SUMYKAMVOL”  group of companies, is the largest yarn trader  in Ukraine ( imported from Turkey, Poland, China, Republic of Belarus etc.). The product range is more than 2000 yarn names of various colors and different fineness stored on several warehouses, constantly updated. We have online shop for our retail Customers.



(cottonized  flax and hemp fibers)

“SUMYKAMVOL” - is one of the biggest bast (flax, hemp) processing (cottonization) plant in Ukraine.

The fiber is going through carding processing. As a result of mechanical processing the splittered fine fiber becomes softer and shorter. According to the further application the cottonized fiber can be processed by physical and chemical processing:  soaking, digestion, bleaching, dying, pressing and drying.

Cottonized hemp fiber is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, it has antibacterial and antifungal features.

Cottonized fiber is widely used for:

  • Raw material for yarn manufacturing

  • Paper manufacturing

  • Natural, ecological filler for textile products

  • Nonwoven material manufacturing

  • Material for handicraft and design

  • Bedding material for pets


Nonwowen material

Our Company manufactures nonwoven thermos-bonded material with natural (wool, flax, hemp) and synthetic fibers (polyester, polylactic acid PLA etc.) of various density, size and composition.

Cottonized fiber  with wool, flax, syntactical fibers in it’s composition – is the perfect  material for blankets, soft  pillowcases, pillows, mattresses, toppers and mattress-cases.

All nonwoven products detailed characteristics and prices are in the price list.



Natural textile for healthy and comfortable sleep was designed and developed by our Company’s specialists. 

Blankets, pillows, toppers by TM UKONO are filled with healing hemp fibers covered with natural flax or natural cotton material provides comfortable rest and sleep.


Building insulation

KONSULATE® building insulation made from hemp fibers is healthy insulation for the ages. Proper thermal insulation plays a major role in every construction project. By choosing natural hemp insulation material, you can make a huge contribution to your quality of life and climate protection. 

The eco-friendly hemp insulation material KONSULATE by Sumykamvol is made from fully renewable and biodegradable raw materials - industrial hemp or flax bark. The material contains (60-80) % bast fibers and (40-20) % polyester fiber. Polyester fiber is used to thermally bond bast fibers and give the material elasticity.  The material is produced in the form of a roll-wound fabric and in the form of mats. The rolls are available in widths of 0.6 m, 1 m and 2 m, and the mats are produced in widths of 0.6 m.  The material thickness (mm) is 50, 75, 100.  Material density (g/m2) - 400, 550, 800, 1000.  The material is intended for heat and sound insulation in construction, repair and reconstruction of residential, public, industrial buildings and structures - roofs, walls, external and internal partitions, floors, ventilated facades, etc. 

By choosing natural hemp insulation for your premises, you benefit at all levels: a better microclimate for your life, energy and cost savings, and as a nice bonus - climate protection, and all this can be done with the right KONSULATE® hemp insulation. 

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