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“SUMYKAMVOL” LLC — is the up-to-date textile manufacturing Company (Sumy, Ukraine) manufactures the wide range of textile products, has started it’s activity as worsted spinning plant producing knitting yarn since 1987. Over the years the Company has spread it’s textile manufacturing activities combining various textile areas:

  • sheep wool processing, wool TOPS manufacturing bulk yarn for felting and knitting;

  • cottonization of bast fibers (flax, hemp);

  •  manufacturing of fillers and nonwoven materials using natural and synthetic fibers (“syntepon”, “conoplepon”, etc);

  • manufacturing of natural material bedding (pillows, blankets, toppers etc.);

  • dying service using Company’s dying facilities - yarn and fibers dying, optional yarn processing: yarn winding, yarn twisting etc.);

  • yarn import and yarn selling in Ukraine;

  • renovation and construction service;

  • renting offices and storage areas service.

Our Company is always ready for cooperation, new projects, long-term partnership in various spheres of manufacturing and textile.

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Our products



for felting (toys, paintings, decorations, garments), for giant knitting (blankets, garments etc.).  


The Company provides the following services:

  • Give and take material processing (wool, flax, hemp, viscose) manufacturing of TOPS, cottonized fibers, nonwoven material;

  • Yarn and fiber dying (redying);

  • Yarn twisting, rewinding, folding and steaming;

  • Industrial washing;

  • Manufacturing of textile products.

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